DocketFade Development

AdGators continues to grow and release new Docket product features for Courthouse Digital Signage

Next week, we plan to push out an update that many of you have asked for. In our testing, this update will increase your docket rotation speed by 30%. This update also puts less stress on the media player hardware. This notification is to provide ample notice of this change, as it will be very noticeable to you and your patrons.

ABOUT THE UPDATE: The update will change how your Case List area behaves on your display, many of you call this area the Docket, while others may call it the Case Calendar. Instead of scrolling cases from bottom to top, it will rotate the case list in a paginated format. Rotating by page means that the max amount of cases will display on the screen every rotation. Once the reading time is up, the case listing area will fade from view and the next set of cases will gently fade in. Please have a look at the Before and After video link below to see how this will look. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
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Joe Kirchner