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We offer a variety of monthly packages.

The #1 thing our advertising partners tell us is "we are affordable."

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Advertising Locations


Public House 29

The Brickhouse {map}
D'arcy's Pint {map}
Lake Pointe Grill {map}
Pink & White Nails & Spa {map}
Westwoods Lodge {map}

The Creek {map}

Public House 29 {map}

Fire & Ale {map}


Variety of advertising packages

1920x1080 pixels (16:9 Widescreen) at 120dpi or greater

7 impressions or more per hour

Why Digital advertising is for you.

  1. Our advertisers are telling us they are seeing increased web traffic, increased calls and even better yet, increased conversations about their business

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  4. We offer a variety of monthly packages. In fact, the #1 thing our advertising partners tell us is "we are affordable."

  5. The cost is a fraction of traditional print media.

  6. By choosing your locations, you can target by lifestyle, gender and zip code.

  7. Ads are viewed in a relaxed, social, clutter-free environment.

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  9. Top-of-mind awareness and brand recognition, all day, every day!

  10. Studies show that consumers are more likely to retain your company, logo or promotion when seen in a relaxed social environment.

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