Based out of Springfield, Illinois, we're founded on the idea that digital signage should be cost-effective and simple for the end user.

We first launched our digital signage business in 2011. Since then, we've naturally grown from simply displaying content to the viewer, to creating visitor interactive content with our self serve kiosks, and everything in between. Our background in government helped us focus support towards courts and justice centers interested in digital signage. At that point, we created DocketVision to help transform visitor engagement. We’re officially dubbing it as a visitor management platform.

We're proud to be working hard each and every day for your satisfaction. It's our goal to create a clean experience for both your staff and your visitors. From reviewing the digital docket, to allowing the visitor to check-in, to guiding your visitors throughout the facility with interactive directories and wayfinding.


We are proud to have customer locations in 8 States

  • Illinois

  • California

  • Ohio

  • Indiana

  • Arizona

  • Minnesota

  • New Mexico

  • Oklahoma





We would be excited to respond and would work hard to become a best and finalist for review. With our combined 39 years of government experience we understand we must provide a competitive price, all while being flexible in our contractual terms and conditions and most importantly provide "personalized" service.